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de Lasson Commemorative Cup


This cup was presented to Aksel Rosenkrantz de Lasson (1740-1813), Frederik's Great-Great-Great Grandfather, in recognition of the work he did turning heather and peat areas around Viborg into viable farms in the early 1760's. Some of this land was passed down through the Lassen family for eight generations. Aksel Rosenkrantz de Lasson had a large farm (Bjørnsholm/Vitskøl Kloster) which was approximately 100 km further north.


This cup has also been passed down through the Lassen family for many generations. We have not been able to determine what the initials SP SN on the cup stand for. There is a coin inlaid on the bottom of the cup.




Romanov Fish Spoon


The fish spoon was given to Jens Peder and Sine Lassen by Olga Romanov. Olga was the youngest daughter of Tsar Alexander III, and thus the sister of Tsar Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. She was the grand-daughter of King Christian the 9th of Denmark. During the Russian Revolution, Olga and her mother, along with Duchess Natalie Mishalovna de Protopopov, fled from Russia to Denmark and lived in Copenhagen. Olga and the Duchess visited Jens Peder Lassen's sister Ane for about a week each summer. While visiting with her, they often came to Grågård, Jens Peder Lassen's farm, and Olga presented this spoon to them in thanks for the visits.


This spoon was presented sometime in 1929 or 1930, while Frederik and Asta were engaged. Asta remembers the visits from Olga. The spoon was then passed down to Frederik and Asta, who passed it down to their daughter Aase.




Jens Peder Lassen/Sine Bertelsen Engraved Salt & Pepper Servers


These were likely a wedding gift to Jens Peder and Sine in 1903. They are silver with blue glass inserts.





Inlaid Serving Tray


We do not know the history of this tray, except that it was owned by the Lassen family.




Frederik Lassen Walking Stick


This is just one of many, many walking sticks that Frederik carved over the years, which resided in the front entry of their home on Gremmersteen. This particular stick was carved during a visit to Yellowstone Park, USA, in 1967, and is particularly gnarly & delightful.



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